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Gardening Mistakes and Lessons Learned


We have been talking this week about the lessons we have learned from our gardening mistakes this year.

This is why:

That is our harvest this week, besides a handful of beans the kids ate up while standing in the garden. (Okay, I ate a few too!)

To give you some perspective, that small purple potato is about the size of a golf ball.

I'm sure there will be more mistakes and more learning, but here are the things we hope to do differently next year.

I now understand the importance of enriching the soil for better outcome!

Since we are a family of 10, I should have planted an entire raised bed with only beans. That would have given us enough beans for a meal every few days, instead of only a handful each week.

Some friends are sharing their abundant harvest with us and have told us that they started their garden earlier than we did, and used a special frost cloth to protect the plants from freezing.

Have you made any gardening mistakes this year?

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