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How to Help When Hard Times Hit


My husband being laid off [2] has made me aware of so many things that had honestly never crossed my mind before.

For one thing, it is not as easy as I had previously thought to "just go get a job". Yes, Walmart may have "Now hiring" sign, but that doesn't mean they will hire a 47 year old man with a college degree and 17 years of experience in the golf industry. (Overqualified much?)

Secondly, friends and strangers from far and near have helped us in so many ways that I wouldn't have considered doing for others before now.

Here are a few things that have been helpful and encouraging to us that you may be able to do to help someone in your church or your neighborhood.

(Please, know I am not hinting that I want MORE of these things. We have a full pantry and freezer, thanks to the generosity of friends and the provision of God. Use this information to do good for others who need it, if you feel led.)

It is very humbling to accept these things from people, to not be able to get them for ourselves. But the fact is that we need this help right now, so we are laying down our pride and gratefully taking what is offered.

I used to think that I might offend someone if I offered them financial help or groceries, that they might think I was somehow looking down on them. I now know that there are plenty of people who would be thankful to have the things I mentioned above.

If you know a family going through a layoff or other financial difficulty, don't be afraid to offer help. It may be just what they need to get them through.