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Rabbit Droppings as Garden Fertilizer


Remember when I told you that, on the advice from a Smockity reader, I used rabbit droppings as organic fertilizer [2]? It worked!

I carefully dug shallow trenches between some of the rows in my raised beds and added the pellets, covering them loosely, and watering well. I made sure not to let the droppings come into contact with the leaves or stalks of the plants.

I didn't incorporate the droppings into every row for a very scientific reason that is too complicated to explain here.  Okay, it was because I didn't have time, but it turned out to be scientific because it gave me pretty conclusive evidence that the rabbit droppings almost immediately affected the growth of the plants.

The rows without the droppings continue to grow very slowly, and the rows with the droppings are much taller, and greener than those. Hopefully, this will continue and the produce will be more plentiful. We are even seeing some evidence of that already!

Lookie! Corn!

Here is a view with my 7 year old, so you can see how tall the corn is.

I am definitely planning to add more rabbit droppings to my garden!

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