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Strengthening the Faith of Our Children With Traditions


I'm so excited about a new monthly series I am participating in with a fantastic group of bloggers!

Each one of us will be examining how we impact and form the faith of our children. Our first topic is how we employ traditions to shape that faith.

In The Smockity Family, one of our most important faith forming traditions is regularly attending church.

There is never a question as to whether or not we will go. (Whether we will be there on time is an altogether different matter!) We attend Bible classes and worship services [2] at least twice each week.

Each of our children loves to attend and if we have anyone who is sick and has to stay home with Mommy, the well children know they can count on Daddy to take them. There is no excuse for being able bodied and missing church! I have even taken 3 day old babies to church!

Another of our important daily traditions is to pray before meals and at bedtime.

We follow the model of Jesus when he prayed to his heavenly father to thank him for providing daily bread. This has become particularly important to us now, since my husband's sudden unexpected layoff [3]. We thank God each day before we eat for blessing us with food we otherwise would not be able to buy.

At bedtime, we take prayer requests and bring our needs and thanksgivings before God. If either of these prayer times is overlooked, there will surely be loud reminders that we forgot something very important!

Reading the Bible aloud is a very important tradition in our family.

We like to begin each school day reading a chapter or more and discussing it. Proverbs is a favorite, as are the gospels. We also participate each year in a Bible Bowl competition [4] where the children are quizzed over a previously chosen book of the Bible.

We remind our children frequently that they must search the scriptures to know the will of God, and we hope this will be a lifelong habit for them.

Would you like to see how other mothers strengthen the faith of their children through traditions?

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