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The Importance of Compost in Gardening


If you have been following along with the Frugal Gardening 101 series, you probably know that my raised bed garden [2] is not producing as we had hoped. In fact, we have only gotten a handful of vegetables [3] so far.

Conversely, our "back 40 garden [4]" is growing like gang busters! It was started almost 2 months after the raised bed garden and the plants are already bigger and healthier.

The difference between the two?


The back 40 garden was tilled in an area where goats have lived for years. In addition to the droppings that had been worked into the soil, 10 tractors full of aged compost were added and tilled in before any seeds were planted.

In our raised bed garden, we did not add compost, but relied on watering with Miracle Gro.

The difference is clearly visible! We hope to harvest squash, cucumbers, and okra from the back 40 garden soon and we will definitely be adding compost to any future gardening projects!

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