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4 Moms Interview Kim Brenneman, Author of Large Family Logistics


The 4 Moms are super excited to be interviewing Kim Brenneman, author of Large Family Logistics!

Remember, we will be blogging through the book each Thursday in August and you can join in too, because we will have a linky so you can share your thoughts on each section.

Here is the schedule we intend to follow:

  • August 4 - part 1: foundations and methods
  • August 11 - part 2 (chapters 18-27: planning your week)
  • August 18 -  part 2b (chapters 28-47: the nitty gritty details)
  • August 25 - appendices
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    Kim has graciously answered a few questions for each of our blogs, PLUS she will be popping into the comments throughout the day to answer ADDITIONAL questions you leave there!

    Here are the questions she has answered for me:

    What motivated you to write your book?

    My daughters were my original motivation. Years ago I started a journal for my girls detailing all the things that I was learning as a parent and home manager. I felt like I was learning everything the hard way and I wanted it to be easier for them. I was on the MOMYS email group for several years and learned a lot there. At some point I realized that the same questions kept coming around again and again. That led to starting a yahoo group that sends out email reminders of what home and family tasks to do and when. And that led to a blog which filled in the details. And that led to a book so that it was all in one organized location and available to a broader audience.

    What has been the response so far?

    I receive a lot of grateful emails from moms. They take it and use it as a springboard to fit their life. That makes me so happy. Not every person is the same, not every home, or family situation but there are common denominators among us all and we can learn things from each other that lead to making life more simple, more peaceful, more time efficient. I love to hear that someone has taken the book and wrote in the margins and highlighted and is applying the ideas to create a better family life.

    Was it hard to find time to actually sit down and write a book, or did your own tips prove useful?

    I wrote that book one blog at a time over a period of years. I blogged early in the mornings before I fed the kids breakfast. Then I organized and edited it bit by bit the same way. There was a month in which I planned out detailed meals and assigned my kids to certain things for only that month and I spent more time during the day editing it and making it flow better. We do projects in that manner a lot around here. We will plan that a certain week or month we are going to work on a project of some sort (i.e. Reorganize the laundry room) and we will make a special plan of assignments and menus. We get lots of stuff done and usually eat much better than normal because I’ll include fun foods and desserts in the plan. We need treats to make the work motivating.

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