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A Job! {and Free Business Cards}


We are excited to announce that my husband has a job!

Of sorts.

That is to say, he has the opportunity to earn some income.

He has gone to work as a roofing contractor. He'll be trying to find people who need roof repair. Since it is TOTALLY commission based, that means we still don't have any income unless he makes some sales.

At least it is a start, though. He is excited about who he is working with and is eager to learn the ropes.

Interestingly, during this layoff one of my blog readers [2] contacted me to say that her husband owned a roofing company and he needed workers, and being the trusting type I am, I was all, "Shyeah, right. You SAY you're a blog reader, but you're probably really an ex-convict named Scary Larry Rodriguez, AKA The Blade, who has just been released from prison after a lengthy incarceration for a bloody crime and you read Mom blogs to troll for your next victim.

But then she emailed me a couple more times, and my friend, Joy [3] was like, "Connie, I know her. And besides no one goes by "The Blade", plus ex-convicts read deal blogs, not Mom blogs*. Stop being ridiculous and contact her!"

So I did, and my husband met her husband, and they are totally nice and normal! Well, except for the part where they are expecting their EIGHTH baby [4]. That is cuh-RAZY!

Our next step, besides my husband following her husband around saying stuff like, "What's that? Why are you putting that there? How many of those did you order? Is that your real hair?" is to set up a website and get business cards printed up.

So, if you need roof repair and live in Texas or know anyone who does, I know a really hunky dude who will come right to your door and help you with everything you need to get that sucker fixed up good as new! (Seriously, email me!)

And speaking of business cards, Vista Print has an offer TODAY ONLY** for 250 business cards FOR FREE [5]!!! Hurry and snatch this up! I ordered some cute ones a while back and I often use them to put in gifts at baby showers or birthday parties. That way, the recipient has my address handy for a thank you note.

*I totally made up that part.

**I am an affiliate for this program. I will receive a small payment for each order.