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Needs Vs. Wants


Since we are trying to spend as little money as possible, the difference between needs and wants has come into sharper focus for me than it has ever been before.

For instance, I am a butter lover. In fact, my kids teasingly call me "Paula Deen, the butter queen" because I firmly believe every dish is better with a stick or so of butter in it.

And I am a butter snob, so I mean real, honest to goodness butter, not margarine.

Well, it turns out that butter is a want, not a need, so I have been baking with less butter, or, don't you judge me, margarine.

I can buy a pound of  margarine for $.89 when the same amount of butter is $2.99. You might be thinking that worrying about such a small amount of money is silly, but it is very serious for us.

We are scrimping to save every little bit of change we can so we can be sure to pay our necessary bills.

Butter is a want. Electricity is a need.

The same is true for baby shampoo.

We have had baby shampoo in our house almost constantly for the last 16 years. I love the way a freshly scrubbed baby smells!

But, it turns out babies are just as kissable and sweet when they are washed with free antibacterial bar soap as when they are washed with baby shampoo.

Baby shampoo is a want. Paying the mortgage is a need.

Please, understand that I am not telling you these things so you will feel sorry for me or send me some baby shampoo. My goal is to encourage those who are in our same situation.

God provides for our needs.

If you are unemployed and you have needs that are not being met, please, contact your local church. There are many Christians who want to help you in the name of Jesus.

What would you consider a want that you once thought was a need?