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The Role of Family in the Faith of Our Children


It is a parent’s responsibility to protect and nurture our children. We keep them from harm as best we can and provide them with enriching experiences whenever possible.

The faith of our children requires the same nurturing and protecting.

Whether you have a faithful, Christian extended family or not, your children are learning from their interactions with that family.

Fortunately for our children, our extended family shares our love for the Lord and our faith.

I love that our children don’t have to ask whether we are going to church on a Sunday morning when we go to visit grandparents.

I love that our children have heard their grandfather preach sermons [2]to crowded audiences and have seen him baptize cousins.

I love that during a lightning storm, I hear “Grammy” tell my children that God has created a fireworks show just for them.

Because of the faith of our extended family, our children’s faith is strengthened and nurtured as they hear and see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins pray, read scriptures, and testify to God’s power.

I realize that not everyone has the luxury of sharing their faith with their extended family, but you can still strengthen the faith of your children if you attend church and fellowship regularly with other believers. Your children will benefit from seeing and hearing Christians of all ages express their faith through prayer, song, and scriptures.

You can also be a faith strengthener for someone else! Consider inviting other families over for Sunday dinner, or a mid-week Bible study or singing. Find someone who doesn't have the benefit of a close, faithful family and be that family for them.

Remember that we are brothers and sisters is Christ.

Let’s be there for one another and lift each other up, especially in the area of strengthening the faith of our children.

Your children will watch and learn from your relationships, and their faith will grow as they see that they have a family of believers.

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