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4 Moms Finish Reviewing “Large Family Logistics”


This week brings us to the end of our review of "Large Family Logistics [2]", in which we look at the appendices.

Those are:


The author states at the very beginning of the book that "if you are in dire straits, then you will want to go to the two appendixes and start with a detailed strategy on how to bail out of a big mess."

Kim tells readers, step by step, where to start and what to do if you home is a disaster area.

I read this section merely out of curiosity, of course, not that I would ever need anything like that. (nervous cough)

The very first words of advice in the appendices is:

"Attitude is Key. Don't get resentful about your situation. This is the lot God has given you at this time, and it is for His glory, even though you might not see it presently."

Wow. She may as well have put my name on that part, because it spoke directly to me!

Kim goes on to share how to exemplify kindness and love while we are getting our homes in order and not to exasperate our children.

She encourages the reader to make it a fun game for children to help. Set a timer for ten minutes and make it a race. When the timer beeps, snuggle up on the couch with a lap full of kids and a book to read aloud.

If you haven't noticed, I have LOVED reading this book! It is a treasure trove of advice and encouragement for a mom of any size family.

If you want to take control of your home and get it in order, I highly recommend this book!

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