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Dealing With Daily Uncertainty

Posted By Smockity Frocks On August 1, 2011 @ 11:50 pm In Layoff | 45 Comments


Now that my husband has 2 part-time jobs [2], our financial burdens have been eased some. We are able to pay our bills and buy the very basic necessities for running a household of 10.

I still struggle with the uncertainty of day to day matters though, especially since he is working out of town most of the time now, and I am here with the kids on my own.

  • Will either of these jobs lead to a full time position?
  • When will he get to come home?
  • How often will he be called out of town?
  • Should I take the baby to the doctor for her fever? (He always knows what to do.)
  • How many more trips will his 1997 truck make?
  • How am I going to get the garbage to the dump? (He always takes it.)
  • Should we sign the kids up for gymnastics again?
  • What if one or both jobs fall through?
  • How do I answer, “What is Daddy’s job? What does he do?”
  • Am I being too hard on the kids?
  • Am I being too easy on the kids?

It seems this layoff has made me second guess everything I thought I knew for sure.

  • I thought my husband getting up and going to work every morning was a sure thing.
  • I thought my husband being home for dinner every night was a sure thing.
  • I thought being careful with money meant getting the bills paid was a sure thing.

Now there aren’t very many things I’m sure of at all.

I’m sorry there is no wise or witty ending to this post. I’m certain that at one time I would have had one, but I’m not sure I know what the take-away should be anymore.

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