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On Children Attending Weddings and Funerals


(Photo credit: Ginny Hughes Photography [2])

We just got back (alright, it was 2 days ago... I was wiped out OKAY?) from the stunningly beautiful wedding of my niece.

We were all thrilled that some of my little girls were invited to be bell ringers during the wedding. They immediately preceded the bride down the aisle, wearing tutus filled with rose petals, ringing their little silver bells, and calling, "She's coming! She's coming! The bride is coming!"

I was so glad my children were able to hear their "Poppy" conduct the wedding ceremony, in which he reminded all of us that we were witnesses to this covenant the bride and groom were making to each other.

As long as they both shall live.

He even told both of them that this meant when one didn't like the other. When, not if.

When they had money and when they were broke. Right now, when they were looking their best, and years from now, when time has marched on.

My children talked afterwards about how serious "Poppy" was when he was saying these things for all of us to hear. Yes, it is a serious thing to commit yourself in marriage.

I think it is so important for children to witness and understand the circle of life.

Babies are born. Couples pledge themselves in marriage. People die.

We have taken all of our children to funerals for various loved ones: their Sunday School teachers, long-time friends of ours, and church members.

They have walked past the open caskets and cried.

I can only think that moments like these help them understand that life is fleeting, and one day their own life will be over. This is a good thing to realize. If life is fleeting, then precious moments, like the one pictured above, are to be tucked away in our hearts and treasured.

And that is just what I have done.

How do you feel about children attending weddings and funerals?