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Tips For Surviving a Layoff

Posted By Smockity Frocks On August 9, 2011 @ 6:48 am In Layoff | 9 Comments


The day my husband was laid off [2]was terrifying for both of us. I’m not sure about him, but I envisioned our family living in a cardboard box, eating beans out of a can under a bridge down by the river.

Since then, God has shown us that he supplies our every need, and my faith has grown tremendously [3].

We have learned a lot about surviving a layoff since those first days. Here are a few tips for those who might be going through something similar:

  • Friends matter. We have had help from so many friends during this time. Old friends from high school, new friends from blogging, local friends, and friends from as far away as Australia. Friends have sent diapers, food, gas cards, and more. The part-time jobs my husband is working now are from friends. Let your friends know you need help!
  • Take any honest job that is offered. My husband has cleaned out abandoned rental property, stripped the paint from fences, climbed onto roofs, and worked in the oil fields. I have accepted extra writing assignments and increased my advertising and affiliate efforts [4]. Every little bit of money we earn is just that much more toward paying our bills. Look outside your field of expertise and let your friends know you are willing to take on any work.
  • Cut back all unnecessary expenses. Our kids haven’t perished because we cut out gymnastics, new swim suits, and going out to eat. Eliminating fast food and extra-curricular activities has allowed us to keep current on our bills.
  • Stay home. We have not only saved on gas, but have also avoided the temptation to buy stuff we don’t need. So many friends sent or brought food and toiletries to us, that we rarely needed to go to a store during this layoff period. We have tried to make the best use of what we have been given without supplementing. This has been a challenge, but we have definitely spent far less than we used to by staying home.

What tips would you add for surviving a financial crisis?

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