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Interview With a Missionary and Mother of 12


I am so thrilled that I was able to spend some time with The Lockwood Family [2]this week!

I actually "met" Jaynee several years ago through blogging. We have prayed for each other through pregnancies, childbirths, job losses, disappointments, and even life threatening illnesses. She has encouraged us many times over the years, so you can imagine my excitement to actually meet her and her family in real life and hug her neck!

She is even sweeter in person than she seems on her blog, if you can imagine that. PLUS, her entire family is full of fun and laughter and LOVE! I am still giddy over the fact that I talked them into spending a few days with our family!

Here we are together chatting about Mexican food, speaking Spanish, and spending time in God's word. (Email readers will have to click through to see the video.)