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Tips For Coping When Dad’s Out of Town


We have gone through a lot of changes in the past few months.

First my husband was suddenly laid off [2], which meant he went from having the regular, predictable schedule associated with a full time job to being home most of the time.

That took some getting used to.

We had to navigate around each other and work out who was going to do what if the baby was crying, the phone was ringing, and the boy needed help with Algebra - all at the same time. These are things I had been doing all on my own during the day, but now that he wanted to pitch in, it still remained to be decided exactly what each of our "jobs" would be.

Now that he is employed, but working mostly out of town, we are once again trying to find the new normal.

Going from one extreme to another, while we were sometimes literally tripping over each other trying to get lunch served, now I find myself completely on my own serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, PLUS solving sibling disputes, answering tough life questions, and tucking everyone in at night.

DISCLAIMER: I am not griping here. We are thrilled that my husband has a job and we are able to pay our bills and even contribute to the needs of others. I am simply contrasting the difference between having a husband home most of the time to having a husband gone most of the time.

Here are a few tips for coping when Dad's out of town:

What tips would you add? How do you cope when Dad's out of town?