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4 Moms Q & A



It's time again for that portion of the show when The 4 Moms answer reader questions. Here are a few I have gathered recently:

How do you keep track of drinking glasses?

Ah, yes. We used to have a drinking problem, too, until I figured out this ingenious idea for managing cups [3]. Now, my sink is no longer full of cups all day!

My husband was recently laid off [4], too. How can I make money with my blog?

Here are some tips I wrote from my experience on how to make money blogging [5].

However, successfully blogging for income takes momentum, building relationships with readers and advertisers, and constant updating. All that can take TIME, and the income comes in bits and pieces; $50 here, $75 there, until little by little, it adds up.

All those factors can be time consuming and stressful if you let it, but if you are determined, you can make it happen!

What's the one thing you couldn't live without in your homeschool?

Spiral notebooks. I buy at least 10 for each student when school supplies are on sale at the end of summer. Everyone gets one spiral per subject, and is FORBIDDEN to rip the papers out. Each daily assignment is done in the spiral and there are no loose papers all over my kitchen table.

Do homeschool kids have to be tested like public school kids?

In my state, Texas, there are no requirements for testing homeschoolers. You can find out what your state requires of homeschoolers at HSLDA [6] (Homeschool Legal Defense Association).

In my 11 years of homeschooling, I have tested my children twice, most recently this past summer. Both times I was extremely nervous to find out the results, and then pleasantly surprised.

Most recently I printed out these free TAKS tests [7] to see how they compared with their age mates in our state. I didn't prepare them at all, but one morning passed them out and said, "See how many of these questions you can answer correctly without any help." They dove right in, and out of the 4 children I tested, only one single answer was incorrect for all combined reading tests!

Will you bring some of your eggs [8] to church?

Sure. (Which I naturally forgot to do.)

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