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A Typical Homeschool Day


We do readin', writin', 'rithmetic, and more around here, but I thought y'all would like to see what else goes on during the school day.

Time to gather eggs. No need for a field trip to see where our food comes from.

We call this "P.E."

Or recess. Whichever.

Unless she falls, then it's time to study gravity for science.

Here's a kindergartener discovering that she can count to 180 really quickly when she counts by 10's!

We got some new Wildlife Explorer [2] cards that needed to be put in the proper classifications. (This was an awesome Christmas gift last year!)

During this task, my girlie told me all kinds of cool facts about different animals. Did you know there is a frog that carries her tadpoles on her back?

She also asked me, "What are invertebrates?" I told her to look at the cards carefully and see if she could deduct what makes an animal an invertebrate. After guiding her through her thinking process, she came up with the correct answer. No backbone!

None of these things were planned and each was the idea of the participant. That is one of my all time favorite things about homeschooling. We can do whatever we want!