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Homemade Christmas Gifts



Are you looking for some ideas for homemade Christmas gifts [2]?

The Happy Housewife has you covered. She has a full 100 days dedicated to different homemade gift ideas!


She even featured my homemade lotion bar tutorial [4] recently.

Did you know she is one of my close friends? Seriously! I know her phone number and her sister and brother. We are like that. (crossing fingers) You could not find a sweeter, more generous friend if you tried!

And I only wish I had half the brains she does! Whenever she posts something ingenious like 100 homemade gifts, I always slap my forehead and think, "DOH! Why didn't I think of that???" She's a genius, I tell you!

That's why I think you should all go over there right this minute and check out all the great ideas she has for homemade Christmas gifts [2]. You are bound to find at least half a dozen ideas you can use!