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Keeping Up With Housework in the Midst of Homeschooling


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Okay, I'm just going to come right on out and admit that I am not the best person to write about this. If you know me in real life, quit laughing!

The truth of it is if your kids are home all day, your house is going to constantly be in a state of needing to be picked up, straightened up,  and shaped up. Because let's face it. Little kids think it's fun taking every last piece of clothing out of their dressers and throwing them up in the air to see if the ceiling fan will spin them around. (At least, this is what I'm guessing the point of the exercise was.)

Babies delight in removing all 49 trash bags from the newly opened box and leaving them for you to find on the kitchen floor.

Big kids enjoy baking and making smoothies, but don't always remember to clean up their messes until they are found dried and hardened later.

And if Mom is homeschooling, that means she isn't available to follow children around every moment to clean up their messes, or even to make sure they are cleaning up their own messes.

Ideally, if you schedule chores into your day [3], there will be appointed times when the children pick up their designated areas. You will see from that video that I have certain children assigned to living room, dining room, kitchen counters, kitchen floors, etc.

That is the ideal. The aim. The goal.

Because, and you may already know this, if you don't check to make sure each of the kids is doing the chores up to your standard, trust me, they aren't.

And if you are busy changing a "scatter poop" diaper when you should be checking chores and then it's time to give a spelling test and then the dog throws up on the carpet right after the neighbor drops by and by then it's time to start dinner, well... the house may still need major straightening up even though the chores have technically been done.

What I'm trying to get at here is that I am "relaxed" in the housekeeping department. If I freak out every time there are socks on the stairs or a trail of toilet paper coming out of the bathroom, there would be a lot of freaking out around here.

We do chores every single day, but our house isn't always tidy. And I am okay with that. We have a lot of people accomplishing a lot of important things [4]and sometimes those things are more important than picking up socks on the stairs.

If, however, you feel like your house is out of control and you need help getting it in order I recommend my friend, Nony's blog,  A Slob Comes Clean [5] for daily inspiration and Large Family Logistics [6] for step by step guidance in tackling daily chores.

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