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Making Family an Idol?


I love my family.

Aside from my relationship with my Lord, they are my priority above all other things.

That means that I love my kids more than I love your kids. And I'm not even ashamed to admit it.

I would wrestle a full grown bear if it came after my kid. And if that bear went after your kid and my kid while they were playing together in a sand box? I'd  totally save my kid first. And honestly? I wonder about any mother who wouldn't.

I love my kids more than any team sport, more than 4-h, more than Vacation Bible School, more than the youth group.

That isn't to say that I have anything against those things. It's just that if I have to choose between what is best for my family and what is best for any of those things, well... I'll chose my family in a hot hurry.

I have heard it said that this is making our family an idol, but I disagree.

God gave me as a mother to my children to nurture and protect them. He gave mothers the natural instinct to do those things. If I am not an advocate for what is best for my child, who will be?

Admittedly, we don't live in danger of bear attacks, but there are other menacing dangers that someone must be watchful about. Pornography, drugs, disrespect, laziness, and on and on. That someone is me. I don't want a village raising my child. I'll take that responsibility myself, thank you.

If we lived in a cave and kept to ourselves, making sure not to interact with others, I could see how it might be said that we were making an idol of family.

But we don't live in a cave. We actually interact with people together as a family. We serve people together. We talk to others about the gospel... together... as a family.

I don't think that is making family an idol. I think it is making God's work an integral part of our family, and not letting anything this world has to offer stop us from doing that.

What do you think? Is making family an idol a danger?