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Okay, raise your hand if you are addicted to Pinterest...

It's a place to keep all your favorite ideas you've seen on every blog you've ever visited. Plus, your friends can see what you think is cool and you can steal, er... I mean see their favorite ideas, too!

I am just now figuring out all the ins and outs about how it works, and I am LOVING all the fabulous ideas I am seeing! Okay, so some of them are way intimidating to think about tackling, like the 2-story pink Victorian henhouse, but stuff like this:

I can totally pull that off!

I have started a few boards where I have pinned stuff I like [2]. (Follow me to keep up with the ideas I pin.) Let me know in the comments if you need an invitation to join and I'll get you in!

And don't forget, if you see something here or elsewhere you like, click the red "Pin it" button to add it to your boards!