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Using Dry Erase Paint in the Homeschool



Does anyone at your house need handwriting practice?

Try applying dry erase paint [3] to a surface in your home. You won't be able to keep the kids from writing on it!

It only took me one evening to paint this swinging door between our kitchen and dining room with dry erase paint [3], and now the kids can practice spelling words or math facts, or write notes to Daddy. (I know she used the wrong "your", but she's in kindergarten, so I think she did pretty well!)

I also use this for teaching since it is easily visible from the dining room table. I draw diagrams or write instructions on it. We have brainstormed ideas and everyone can see them written out. Then, we just wipe it right off.

I keep these magnetic dry erase markers [4] stuck to the fridge, which is in close proximity to this door.

Our next painting project? Magnetic paint topped with chalkboard paint on the flip side of the door!