$600 Vision Forum Giveaway!

Updated with more chances to win below!

I just ordered this bow set from Vision Forum for my son’s 15th birthday. Shhhhh… don’t tell. Okay?

And if you love shopping at Vision Forum, the go to site for Christian books, as much as I do, I have AWESOME news for you!

Vision Forum is offering 3 of my readers a TOTAL OF $600 IN GIFT CERTIFICATES!

Just in time for Christmas shopping! The prizes will be as follows: $100, $200, and $300 gift certificate for VisionForum.com.

And there are multiple ways to win!

$300 Gift Certificate

  • Post about this giveaway on your blog, using “Christian books” with the phrase linked to VisionForum.com. (Leave a comment linking directly to your post.)

$200 and $100 Gift Certificate (Leave a comment for EACH ENTRY.)


Winners will be announced December 3rd, JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

I am a Vision Forum affiliate and am being compensated for this giveaway.

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  1. I would love some of the history stuff or science – well, there is so much I would like to be able to order! how to choose…

  2. I don’t know what a hurkey is – is there a book i can read about it? but i can yell smockity frocks with the best of them. thanks for the laugh!

  3. I’d love large family logistics and the jonathan park series

  4. I actually googled what a hurkey was (we don’t really have cheerleaders the way you do here in Australia), and can screenshot it, does that count for something? :D

  5. I would love the Jonathon Park series.

  6. I like smockity on facebook.

  7. julie marie says:

    I would like all the lamplighter audio drama cd’s and of course, lots of books.

  8. julie marie says:

    I liked smockity frocks on facebook.

  9. julie marie says:

    I liked vision forum on facebook.

  10. The Airsoft Handgun and machine gun, The Johnathon Park Series, The Elsie books, CD collection and doll dress, canopy doll bed, Writing Made Beautiful set, Dangerous Book for Boys series, the Zip-line, are just some of the many items that I would like to buy for my kids for Christmas.

  11. I like Vision Forum on Facebook

  12. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook

  13. The Johnathon Park Series, All the doll dresses and books, Writing Made Beautiful set, the Zip-line, and the Adventurous Femininity CD are items I would love to buy for my kids for Christmas.

  14. I tweeted!

  15. Oh, my boys have a huge list of things from VF on their Christmas list: a crossbow, swords and shields, a zip line, Lego compatible building sets!

  16. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook!

  17. I posted about the giveaway on FB!

  18. I “like” Vision Forum on FB!

  19. I follow Vision Forum on Twitter!

  20. I follow Smockity on Twitter!

  21. I did a hurkey…in my head!

  22. I would like to get some of the camping gear for my boys. They would particularly like canteens and the camping knife with a fork and spoon in it.

  23. I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  24. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  25. My son has requested the camper’s knife, and my daughters would love any of the dress-up clothes! We love Vision Forum!

  26. All my siblings an I LOVE Vision forum! (and I couldn’t begin to name all the things we would like :)

  27. I’ve been wanting to order some of the Jonathan Park cd’s. I think my children would really enjoy those.

  28. Widow’s Might – love that movie!

  29. I like the lego plane. It would make a great gift for my son.

  30. We would like a Lego compatible knight set and many other items.

  31. I like Vision Forum on facebook.

  32. I like Smockity Frocks on facebook.

  33. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook!

  34. I like Vision Forum on facebook!

  35. Would love the gun or bow for my son…and the dolls for my daughter!

  36. I follow smockity frocks on twitter!

  37. Lori TenHaken says:

    My boys have been hovering over the Vision Forum Catalog as well. Our 9 yr. old would like a remote control helicopter and our 7 yr. old would like to have one of the crossbows. Thanks for the chance to win…

  38. Lori TenHaken says:

    I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook!

  39. Lori TenHaken says:

    I also like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  40. I’d buy a doll:) And then after that, some boy stuff!

  41. I’d like to order the zip line!

  42. I liked you on Facebook.

  43. I liked Vision Forum on Facebook.

  44. I’ve blogged about the giveaway, linking to VF and your blog at:


  45. I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  46. I like Smocity Frocks on Facebook.

  47. We’d love to get the Law and Government Course, or the Music Masters set for our budding lawyer or musicians. There’s so much more on our family’s wish list….Missionary Jungle Doctor series, Ballantyne, the biographies for young readers, Large Family Logistics, WWII D-day and the Providence of God series, the Christians Courageous historical adventure series….. well, ok, only one or two of these would be possible, but, those are at the top of our list! We’re grateful for the giveaway!

  48. My daugter has been wanting one of their dolls! SHe would love one for Christmas!!

  49. ‘like’ Vision Forum on FB

  50. I have previously “liked” VF on FB! :)))

  51. I honestly don’t know for sure what I would purchase first. There are many books available that I would like to read. The “Fun-Ride Deluxe Zip Line” looks like a great Christmas item for the three boys that we have been blessed with. :)

  52. Brande Rambo says:

    We would love the Jonathan Park cd’s, the airsoft guns, and many of the books from Vision Forum. We love all of their products! Thanks! Brande

  53. Brande Rambo says:

    I “liked” Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  54. Brande Rambo says:

    I already like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  55. Brande Rambo says:

    I am posting about this on Facebook as well.

  56. We LOVE Vision Forum, but as times are tight for many, this would be such a great surprise for our family! The zip line, the Liberty doll, the two Roman swords *my son would be so excited!*… too many to list :)

  57. Brande Rambo says:

    I also posted about this on Facebook.

  58. I would love to be able to buy remote controlled helicopters for our boys, and would choose something from the doll collection for our girls. Hoping to win! :)

  59. Monica Johnson says:

    Wow, how exciting it would be to win a gift certificate to Vision Forum! We love there products and it would help so much with Christmas this year! Kids love to dress up. The zip line would be tons of fun for them. My Allie would love a Liberty doll. The list could go on & on!

  60. I would love to try and win this please!On my wish list is a doll for my youngest daughter,the history of christianity and western civilisation, the lastest book for Mothers and quite a few of the DVD’s.Thank you for this chance.

  61. There is no way to pick just one thing from the catalog.I would have to be like my children and make a list like my children.A blessed holiday,Sharon

  62. Liked ‘Smockity Frocks’ on Facebook.

  63. Oooh…I would like the zipline. I mean, I wouldn’t mind trying it (maybe), but I’d love the hero I’d be to my guys if I got it for them!

  64. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  65. I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  66. And I follow Vision Forum on Twitter.

  67. I follow you on Twitter!

  68. And, I tweeted…

  69. We would LOVE all the G. A. Henty books!

  70. I left the comment on my blogpost at http://teachableme.blogspot.com/2011/11/can-we-afford-to-homeschool.html for the 300$ entry

  71. Books! Lots of books! :-)

  72. Great Giveaway! My youngest son wants 3 swords and 3 daggers! He has had these on his Christmas list for some time now. Of course there are so many other great products that I would have no trouble spending a gift certificate at Vision Forum.

  73. I tweeted!

  74. I followed Smockity Frocks on Twitter.

  75. I followed Vision Forum on Twitter.

  76. I blogged about it! :-)

  77. We love Vision Forum. Our daughter would like a Liberty doll and we would love the Henty books.

  78. I like Vision Forum on fb.

  79. I like Smocity Frocks on fb.

  80. I did a hurkey in my head. :)

  81. I shared on facebook.

  82. I posted about Vision Forum, mentioned Christian books and linked it to them. Thanks. http://www.greatergifts.blogspot.com/2011/11/great-christian-resource.html

  83. LOVE Vision Forum. My daughter wants the child’s harp and I would love to be able to give it to her with the help of the gift certificate!

  84. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to order the GA Henty, Building on the Rock, and “Fruits of the Gospel” series from Vision Forum along with the Christ Centered Math curriculum and some of the “man-in-training” boy toys they have!!!!

  85. I follow Vision Forum on twitter

  86. I “like” smockity Frocks on facebook!! :)

  87. I follow Vision forum on facebook

  88. I follow smockity frocks on twitter

  89. I’d love to get so many of their books! :) Especially the Life of Faith ones!

  90. oh, yay! Can I win? =)
    Okay here goes my (long) wish list:

    The Family Heritage of Hunting (DVD)
    A Night to Remember (DVD)
    Jonathan Park Guide Set (4 Vol.)
    Three-Man Slingshot Water Balloon Launcher (with balloons & nozel)
    Foam Master Pogo Stick
    Airplane Design Studio
    The Runner From Ravenshead (DVD)
    Making Herbs Simple Collection (2 DVDs)

  91. I would love the Homestead Blessings DVDs for myself and my girls.

  92. I like you on Twitter

  93. I like Vision Forum on Twitter


  94. Rebekah Wernham says:

    Hmmm… books, books, books! There are SO many books we’d love to order from Vision Forum. We have our catalog all marked and “starred”!

  95. I would order books books and more books if I won.

  96. I like Smockity Frocks on FB.

  97. I like VF on FB.

  98. Sara Van Heel says:

    I would love to win a certificate to encourage my children in their walk with the Lord! Thanks!

  99. I “like” you on Facebook – entry #1.

  100. I “like” Vision Forum on Facebook – entry #2.

  101. Oops, maybe this should have been entry #1 ;) But here’s my comment about what I’d buy. I’d be interested in the Knights Legos and maybe some other boy fun-stuff. Since I homeschool I’d be looking for more curriculum at Vision – maybe some from the science category. I don’t remember what its called, but I just bought a few things during their buy 2 get one FREE sale ;)

  102. entry 4 (I think) – I follow you on Twitter (I’m @tzdelar).

  103. Entry 5, right? Okay, I follow Vision on Twitter (again I’m @tzdelar) but I don’t think you’ll be looking for me there- but just in case someone is:)

  104. Entry 6, I’m assuming…. okay, just did the Smockity-Rocks in my head hurkey! yay!!

  105. we don’t have a blog and we don’t twitter or Facebook, but I did post this exciting news and the links on our local homeschool message board. We love Vision Forum and my little princess would love the dollies, if she can put one of her books down. in fact, I think she’d love to read the books to her dollies! and a few airpistols and swords go over big here too! – gotta fight those critters we read about in the books!!

  106. I just did a hurkey in my head … does that count?!! LOL!!!

  107. I liked Vision Forum on Facebook! Thanks for the extra entry!

  108. And I LOVE Vision Forum and really, really want to order a TON of things off of their site. So I’ll start with the Jonathon Parks series…. 3 boys in my house, that might be a great gift for them! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  109. Barbara Kafumann says:

    I would be blessed by anything form their site! Thankful and grateful to Him that provides!

  110. I’d like to order some R.M. Ballantyne books for my son, and some Homestead Blessings dvds to share with my daughter.

  111. Thanks for the entering me in the drawing! I have 6 kids ages 13 to 2 and they all LOVE Vision Forum. We have checked the Jonathan Park CDs out of the library and ordered a couple. We would love to add to our collection. They really helped my older sons be able to express in an educated way a defense for creation. We have loved many of the retro toys and zip line that were Christmas gifts over the past 2 years. There are several books I have wanted to order for a really long time. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day down there in beautiful TX. I miss living down there! :)

  112. Jonathan Park tops our kids list but then my hubby and I have a list of our own. Thank you for the opportunity!

  113. I’d love to order the Jonathan Park series.

  114. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  115. On our wishlist: Jonathan Park, Elsie Dinsmore books, and one of the lovely dolls with book.

  116. I’d probably get a bunch of books, but highest on my list is the Jonathan Parks CDs for my children!

  117. Following you on Facebook

  118. Tweeted about the giveaway

  119. Following you on Twitter

  120. Following Vision Forum on Twitter

  121. Following Vision Forum on Facebook

  122. I’d love to order the Lamplighter audio series for my son!!

  123. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  124. I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  125. I would definitely like to have the whole Homestead Blessings dvd set!

  126. Blogged it, please enter me in the big one! :)


  127. I’d like pretty much everything the sell! But I’d like to get my kids a zip line right now…

  128. I Like you on Facebook

  129. I Like Vision Forum on Facebook

  130. I shared about this on Facebook

  131. I really did the hurkey and yell. My brother came running to make sure I was okay, but I did it :)

  132. Following you on Twitter

  133. Following Vision Forum on Twitter

  134. I did a hurkey while shouting, “SMOCKITY ROCKS!” *giggle*

  135. the zip line…or books, or the dolls…or dress up !

  136. What an unbelievably amazing give-away!

    Oh, I have so much on my Vision Forum wishlist… mainly books… especially:
    ~ Navigating History: Egypt
    ~ Queen of the Home
    ~ Loving the Little Years
    ~ How to Be a Lady
    ~ Adventurous Femininity CD
    ~ The Beauty of Modesty
    ~ Verses of Virtue
    ~ With the Master on Our Knees
    ~ Ten Peas in a Pod
    ~ Into the Amazon
    ~ A Word in Season Set
    ~ Family Reformation

    …and so many more!

    Please enter me! Thank you! :D

  137. Tweeted about the giveaway for a second entry!

  138. Followed Vision Forum on Twitter for a third entry!

  139. Followed Smockity Frocks on Twitter for a fourth entry!

  140. Cyndy Bunn says:

    My 9yo son checked off almost every knife, sword, bow and arrow in the VF catalog for his Christmas list! I’d love to get him a couple!!

  141. Cyndy Bunn says:

    liked VF on facebook

  142. Cyndy Bunn says:

    following VF on twitter

  143. Christelle says:

    So much I would LOVE from vision forum ! If I had to pick it would be some Henty Books. Family Strategies. The Liberty Doll. And more books :)

  144. Wow! There are so many things that I would love to order from VF. If I were lucky enough to win this amazing giveaway I think I would start off with ‘Loving the Little Years’.

  145. I ‘like’ Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  146. I ‘like’ VF on Facebook.

  147. And oh, my! If you’re going to count a mental hurkey as an entry, I totally just did one! Am I really saying this on a public page??? ;)

  148. Just in time for Christmas! My daughter would love any of the “for girls” items and I would enjoy Vision Forum DVD’s or books.

  149. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. I would probably start with the Duggars two books, some DVDs and the Elsie Dinsmore Library.

  150. I’d love to have the Jonathan Park or Henty books for my boys. Or maybe one of the dolls for my daughter. Lots of the curriculum looks so wonderful, too!

  151. I like Vision Forum on FB.

  152. I like Smockity Frocks on FB.

  153. I would like to order their From Script to Cinema set for my husband.

  154. I like you on facebook.

  155. I posted about the giveaway on facebook.

  156. I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  157. I follow Vision Forum on Twitter.

  158. I am following Smockity Frocks on Twitter.

  159. I had to ‘swagbucks’ hurkey, but I don’t think I can do one! I still love Smockity Frocks, you always make me laugh. Smockity Frocks! (imaginary hurkey!)

  160. I blogged about this giveaway for the $300 gift certificate – http://26000days.blogspot.com/2011/11/3600-multiple-giveaways.html

    Thank you!

  161. Oh my!….so many things we would like to order from VF….our boys want the swords and the spy gear, the girls want the dolls and tea sets, and we all want the Henty novels!

  162. I think we’d enjoy the Mysterious Islands DVD.

  163. Doug Phillips is one of my husband’s favorite speakers. Hubby was deployed last Christmas, so I would LOVE to give him some CDs from Vision Forum this year! Thank you!

  164. I blogged about the giveaway here

  165. These are a few things I would like to order from Vision Forum
    Large Family Logistics book
    Home Economics – You Can Sew dvd set
    What He Must be if He Wants to Marry My Daughter book
    Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America book


  166. I would really like to get one of the dolls for my 4 year old daughter!

  167. I “like” Smockity Frocks on FB.

  168. I would like to get the Indotrination film!

  169. I ‘liked’ Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  170. I ‘liked’ Vision Forum on facebook.

  171. Ammanda W. says:

    I would LOVE to have the World History curriculum for our homeschool, as well as the Henty library and Elsie Dinsmore library. But the Vision Forum “wish list” is long, so it would be hard to pin down our favorites!

  172. Ammanda W. says:

    I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  173. Ammanda W. says:

    I like Vision Forum on Facebook!

  174. Ammanda W. says:

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook!

  175. Ammanda W. says:

    I tweeted, “Goody! @VisionForum is giving away $600 in gift certificates @SmockityFrocks! http://wp.me/pMqqr-1vB

  176. I would love to Christmas shop if I won!!! WE love their books & DVDs!!
    Thanks for hosting this! Sorry I don’t have a face book!

    - Abby Jo

  177. Ammanda W. says:

    Okay, I’m not sure what a “hurkey” is but I yelled, “Smockity Rocks”…. LOL

  178. Ammanda W. says:

    I follow Smockity Frocks on Twitter…

  179. Ammanda W. says:

    I follow Vision Forum on Twitter…

  180. I tweeted!

  181. I “like” VF on FB.

  182. I “follow” VF.

  183. I “follow” SF on Twitter.

  184. Laura Lane says:

    a set of practice swords

  185. Laura Lane says:

    I fb like you.

  186. Laura Lane says:

    I fb like vision forum.

  187. Laura Lane says:

    I twitter follow you.

  188. Laura Lane says:

    I twitter follow VF.

  189. Laura Lane says:

    I cannot do a hurkey because I haven’t the slightest idea what it means. I did however shout in my head.

    Happy Advent!

  190. I Liked you on facebook! I’ve already liked Vision Forum

  191. Dear son has hinted he would like the remote control air soft tank.

  192. I would love to get the kids a swords set, maybe a zipline, and I definitely need some history homeschool material

  193. Uhhhh, what’s a hurkey? :)

  194. Ok, I liked you on facebook!

  195. I have always wanted the book about the making of the Grand Canyon, The Covenanters Trilogy, Ballantyne books, Elsie Dinsmore books and the other half of the Moody Science videos that we don’t have yet.

  196. the products we love are the jonothan park series… the large family logistics book, of course! And all the great toys they have that are for boys, awesome!

  197. I liked VF on facebook too :)

  198. Entering for $300 one! I posted on my blog about your giveaway! basketsandbaking.blogspot.com Weekly giveaways there too!

  199. I would love to order any of the dolls from vision forum!

  200. I Did a hurkey while shouting, “SMOCKITY ROCKS!”

  201. I like visionforum on facebook

  202. We have quite a long wishlist from our Vision Forum catalog. A few things we would like are Jonathon Parks, Elsie Dinsmore, Beautiful girlhood items, and lots of books.

  203. I like Vision Forum on Facebook

  204. I follow Vision Forum on Twiter.

  205. I Follow SF on Facebook

  206. Doing the hurkey. ;)

  207. I “liked” Vision Forum on facebook.

  208. I “liked” Smockity Frocks on facebook.

  209. I would get one of the beautiful dolls!!! I have 3 girls so this giveaway would be wonderful! :)

  210. I tried the hurkey. It wasn’t pretty…..and it HURT! hahahaha!

  211. Amy Kelley says:

    I like vision forum on Facebook

  212. Amy Kelley says:

    I would love to get the zipline for my sons and husband.

    Of course I would love any of their books and cds. I am getting myself Family Strategies CD set for Christmas!

  213. I would love to get Queen of the Home, Loving the Little Years, She Shall be Called Woman, Beloved Bride, …

  214. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  215. I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  216. I REALLY want Large Family Logistics from Vision Forum!

  217. I like you on Facebook

  218. I like Vision Forum on FB

  219. I tweeted on Twitter

  220. I follow Vision Forum on Twitter

  221. I follow you on Twitter

  222. Marisol Garza says:

    I would love to order from Vision Forum the bow and arrows, lion sword and shield, GA Henty books, liberty doll, Jonathan Park and many other books, toys and dvd’s.

  223. Marisol Garza says:

    I like Smockity Frocks on facebook!

  224. Marisol Garza says:

    I did a hurkey while shouting Smockity Rocks!! Well at least i thought about it. I hope that counts? What is a hurkey anyway?

  225. I have read all the things that everyone has ordered off of this website and have visited the site as well. This has been in the last month. But due to getting ready to move out of town due my husband taking a Pastorial position, I have not been able to purchase anything for my children. I would loved to though.

  226. I would probably buy more Jonathan Park cds-my kids can’t get enough!

  227. I like you on Facebook! :)

  228. I like Vision Forum on Facebook

  229. I shared about the giveaway on Facebook. Thanks!

  230. I like Smockity on Facebook!

  231. I follow you on Twitter!

  232. I follow the Vision Forum in Twitter!

  233. I like the Vision Forum on Facebook

  234. I like many things they sell, but I would really like to get their Homestead Series :)

  235. I tweeted!! :o)

  236. We already own all the Jonathan Park Series, but I hear there’s a new one coming out – I would LOVE that. Plus..Any of the really cool boy toys would be great too!

  237. I’m following Vision Forum on Twitter

  238. I got on YouTube to figure out what a “hurkey” was then did one mentally (like I could do it in real life… HA!!)

  239. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I liked smockity on facebook !

  240. Jennifer R says:

    I would order some new books! We all looove to read around here!

  241. Jennifer R says:

    I like Smockity on FB!

  242. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I shared on facebook !

  243. Jennifer R says:

    I posted on FB!

  244. Jennifer R says:

    I totally know what a hurkey is, but I’m afraid my body doesn’t move like that anymore!! :)

  245. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I followed Vison forum on twitter!

  246. Michelle Bonneau says:

    Followed Smockity on twitter!

  247. I’d love to win! I’d probably order one of the dolls for my little girls.


  248. I follow you on Twitter. And I ate turkey at Thanksgiving- does that count? It rhymes with hurkey.

  249. Jennifer R says:

    I like Vision Forum on FB!

  250. Michelle Bonneau says:

    Hmmm I think the better question is what wouldn’t I like to purchase! There are so many wonderful things I could invest in to help with raising my daughter and son properly… ooor there is always the homestead blessing series to help me be a better housewife ! Lol and sooo much more !

  251. Michelle Bonneau says:

    *spins in cricles doing an odd dance while screaming smockity rocks *

    Was that it did I do the hockity right :O !

  252. Oh that would be wonderful!!!!!

  253. The list of things I would like to order is LONG!!! I was just perusing through their catalog the other day! One that I’ve been looking at a lot lately is the Into the Amazon course.

  254. I “like” Smockity Frocks on FB!

  255. Posted on FB!

  256. I tweeted! denicelg

  257. Katherine says:

    I would love to order some of their movies for my family as well as some books for me. They offer so much great stuff!

  258. Katherine says:

    Liked Vision Forum on FB

  259. I already “like” Vision Forum on FB!

  260. Already “follow” Vision Forum on Twitter!

  261. Katherine says:

    Liked Smokity Frocks on FB

  262. I’m now “following” Smockity Frocks on Twitter!

  263. I think I just did the hurkey while screaming “SMOCKITY ROCKS!!” :-)

  264. I would get books!! Or maybe a graple hook for my nephew. Oh and that cool DVD series about the Amazon… so many things that I would love to get for our family!!

  265. I like Smockity on FB. :)

  266. I Like Vision Forum on FB. :)

  267. Totally did a Hurkey in my head… well I don’t really know what that is but I did shout. :)

  268. There are so many things to choose from… hard to decide. I think the kids would love the zip-line, but the Johnathon Park books would be my choice. Thanks for the opportunity! Love your blog.

  269. Karen Chaffin says:

    I would love to win one of the gift certificates. I would love to order some of the Henty books. My son is a reluctant reader & I think he would love these!!

  270. Karen Chaffin says:

    I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  271. I would so love to get some of the boy’s items for my son, just got their catalog yesterday and he was drooling over everything! Of course the top thing my kids would pick would be the zip line. I would also love to get a bunch of the books/dvd’s. So hard to choose!!!!

  272. I already like both Smockity Frocks and Vision Forum on FB

  273. I shared on Facebook about this giveaway

  274. My son loves their Lego compatibles, (especially the army series!), so we would probably start there! Just in time for Christmas! Thanks for the opportunity!

  275. Karen Chaffin says:

    I posted about the giveaway on Facebook.

  276. Karen Chaffin says:

    I like Vision Forum on Facebook.

  277. Karen Chaffin says:

    I did a hurkey ;) (in my mind) & gave a cheer for Smockity Frocks!! LOL Love it!!

  278. We love all Vision Forum, but the latest JP, doll clothes, and the bow and arrow top my childrens’ list of wants at the moment. Thank you!

  279. And…I just shouted SMOCKITY ROCKS in my head. Really, what a great giveaway!

  280. I like Smockity Frocks on facebook :).

  281. I like Vision Forum on facebook :).

  282. I think Smockity rocks :).

  283. I would like BOOKS with the GC!

  284. I would get the doll house for my daughter, and some of the knight dress up toys for my sons. =)

  285. I’d order dress up clothes for my little girl, and large family logistics for me!

  286. I would love to order Balancing the Sword and about a hundred other things!!

  287. i would love History of the world books

  288. i like vf on fb

  289. i like smockity frocks on fb.

  290. i posted on fb

  291. I’d order the WWII videos, some audios, the Galapagos video, an Elsie Dinsmore book or two, hmm…actually there is lots on my wishlist!

  292. I already liked smockity, but now I like vision forum on fb too.

  293. I made up my own version of the hurkey to celebrate. Does that count?

  294. I would love to buy the Homestead Blessings DVD set. I love the West ladies! I would also like some of the homeschool books!

  295. I liked Smockity Frocks on FB

  296. I would like to have the Soldiering through History set from VF

  297. jessica eckley says:

    The question should really be….”What wouldn’t I want to order???” I’ll take one of everything please! Is that too much to ask? ;) Now I’m doing a very cool cheerleading move in my head!!!

  298. I like VF on FB

  299. I follow VF on twitter

  300. I would love to get the new Courageous book, homesteading resources, and girly gifts for my 4 daughters!

  301. I like Smockity Frocks on facebook

  302. I blogged about Vision Forum and linked “Christian books” to VF!

  303. I shared this on facebook and tagged Smockity Frocks!

  304. I shared on twitter!

  305. I follow you on twitter

  306. I follow VF on twitter

  307. I like VF on facebook

  308. I blogged about the giveaway for the $300 gift certificate at

  309. zekesmom10 says:

    A zipline and some air rockets!

  310. zekesmom10 says:

    I imagined myself WAAAAY less pregnant and doing cheers. ;)

  311. zekesmom10 says:

    I like Smockity on FB.

  312. I want the Fun Ride Super-Z Zip Line

  313. I “liked” you a long time ago on FB! And I did an AMAZING hurkey! You KNOW i can! (okay…..I lied about the hurky…..but in my head it was AMAZING!)

  314. I would like to get some of the art stuff for my oldest, the pop gun for son , and some doll stuff for the other girls~

  315. I like vision forum on facebook

  316. Katena Dyser says:

    I like vision forum on facebook and followed on twitter. The books would be the ones and the customs for my sons. What a great giveaway.

  317. Heather S. says:

    I would like to buy some of the boy – backyard toys. I don’t think my boys spend enough time playing outdoors and maybe some of these items would inspire them :)

  318. Heather S. says:

    I like vision forum on facebook.

  319. Heather S. says:

    I like smockityfrocks on facebook :)

  320. Heather S. says:

    And an extra for yelling Smockity Rocks and envisioning a hurkey in my head…

  321. Elizabeth W says:

    There is so much that we want at vision forum. I want it all!

  322. Elizabeth W says:

    Liked Smockity on FB.

  323. Elizabeth W says:

    I liked Vision Forum on FB.

  324. Elizabeth W says:

    Did a hurkey :-)

  325. I saw so much my boys would love!

  326. I would order the Classical Masters audio cds

  327. I would order books and DVDs!

  328. I’m now following Smockity Frocks on Twitter (@susan_hutchens)!

  329. I “liked” you on Facebook . . .

  330. Aaannnnnddddd . . . I tweeted about this giveaway!

  331. Hannah Stoddard says:
  332. Hannah Stoddard says:

    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway. I would love to get the new book from Jasmine Baucham called “Joyfully at Home” as well as some of the new DVDs they are offering.

  333. Hannah Stoddard says:

    I “liked” Smockity Frocks on facebook.

  334. Hannah Stoddard says:

    I “liked” Vision Forum on facebook.

  335. Hannah Stoddard says:

    I followed Vision Forum on twitter.

  336. Oh I would get the military Legos for sure!

  337. I blogged about your giveaway here is the link: http://www.sixparriskidsandcounting.com/2011/12/vision-forum-is-having-giveaway.html.

    Thanks, Missy

  338. I liked Smockity on FB

  339. I liked Vision Forum on FB

  340. I “like” Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  341. I posted this and tagged Smockity Frocks on Facebook

  342. I tweeted about it, too!

  343. Did a hurkey in my head. Pictured myself falling down…

  344. I blogged about it! I would order the entire Jonathan Park set, and the communicator watches for my boys. http://genesis12one.blogspot.com/2011/12/big-ol-texas-size-giveaway.html

  345. Jasmine Tarter says:

    I love Vision Forum! We have all of the Jonathan Park Stories, and are working on collecting the Lamplighter theatre stories. My boys would love the boys, and communicator watches. That would totally make their year I think! My daughter would love the doll accessories!

  346. Jasmine Tarter says:

    I liked Smockity frocks on facebook.

  347. Jasmine Tarter says:

    I already like/follow Vision Forum on facebook, as well as get their emails.

  348. Melissa Miller says:

    I would love to buy my kids the homemaking books and some of the toys. So much to choose from.

  349. Melissa Miller says:

    I like Smockity on FB

  350. Melissa Miller says:

    I shared this on Facebook

  351. Melissa Bryant says:

    I love all their stuff. I would like to get some of their books for my kids.And the toys are cool too.

  352. Melissa Bryant says:

    I like you on Facebook

  353. Melissa Bryant says:

    I like Vision Forum too on Facebook

  354. This is awesome!
    I blogged about Vision Forum

  355. I am now following Vision Forum on twitter

  356. I am now following Smockity Frocks on twitter!!!

  357. I would love the entire homestead blessings dvd set! I have the bread making dvd and even my 3 year old loves watching the West Ladies make bread!

  358. If I won, I would order books and the nerf bow for my son’s birthday!

  359. I like you on Facebook!

  360. I like Vision Forum on Facebook!

  361. I follow vision forum on Twitter

  362. I follow Smockity Frocks on Twitter!

  363. I had to look “hurkey” up to make sure it was what I thought it was, but I did it!

  364. Would love to buy one of their cool toys for my son, like the spy gear or classic “weapons” like the Civil War revolver. Thanks for an awesome giveaway Connie!

  365. I would love to purchase the Elsie Dinsmore books for my daughters.

  366. I like Smockity Frocks on Facebook

  367. I like Vision Forum on Facebook

  368. I like SF on FB. :D

  369. I like VF on FB.

  370. I follow SF on Twitter.

  371. I follow VF on Twitter.

  372. Did the hurkey while shouting, “SMOCKITY ROCKS!…in my head, of course! :D

  373. I tweeted!

  374. I’d love to order the cowboy outfits for my two little boys!

  375. I like Smockity Frocks on facebook.

  376. And I did a hurkey in my head! SMOCKITY ROCKS!

  377. Hannah Stoddard says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway on my twitter account! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  378. Hannah Stoddard says:

    I followed Smockity Frocks on twitter.

  379. There are so many things at Vision Forum that would enrich our family from Henty to Ballentyne, from Jonathan Park communicator watches to Queen of the Home. We have been greatly blessed by the VF ministry and would love the opportunity to add to our resources.

  380. Katie Johnson says:

    I did what I imagine a hurkey would be like (from a brief description I read), and cheered for Smockity Frocks! I do love your blog!


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