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Food Storage For Large Families


The 4 Moms are talking about food storage for large families this week, and we are inviting you to link up your food storage ideas.

We have a fair sized pantry in our kitchen where we keep our canned and dry goods that we use most.

And my husband recently added these shelves in our well room, which houses the well pump, which is attached to our garage, which is not attached to our house, where we keep our surplus items. (Did you get all that???)

My husband loves to do the grocery shopping and whenever he finds a good sale, he will stock up. His idea is that if I am reaching into our pantry for something I need, and I find that I am out, instead of going to the grocery store, I can just step out to the well room.

These are 20 pound bags of beans and rice. He also wants to make sure that we are prepared if we ever go through a time of need like we did when he was unexpectedly laid off [2].

We also have an extra refrigerator and a chest freezer out there where we try to always keep 5 gallons of milk (we are heavy drinkers) and meats that have been given to us or picked up on sale.

For instance, when my friend and fellow 4 Moms team member, Kim from Life in a Shoe, came to visit [3], she brought me lots and lots of chicken. We put it right in the extra freezer and have been able to use it as we needed it. We were also given lots of butter during our layoff, and we stored that in the well room refrigerator.

And NOW, it is your turn! How do you handle food storage? Small pantry? Garage shelving? Under the bed storage?

Here's how the rest of The 4 Moms team does it:

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