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Pulling Children Out of Public School to Homeschool


This week The 4 Moms are addressing a topic that I have no experience with: withdrawing children from public school in order to homeschool.

See what the rest of my team has to say on this topic:

Since our children have never attended a traditional school, not even a preschool, I don't have words of wisdom from personal experiences.

What I do know, and this is only legally binding in the state of Texas, is that a parent does NOT need to have curriculum approved, have the child tested, go through a waiting period, or jump through any other hoops that a school district may request of you.

I often see it reported in our Homeschool Legal Defense [5] newsletter that a family decides to withdraw a child in order to homeschool and the school district, perhaps not knowing the law, demands to approve the curriculum the family plans to use. This is absolutely outside the realm of the school district's authority (in TX)  and parents do not need to submit to this request.

Remember to be aware of the laws in your state regarding what is required of you. (The link above has the laws related to homeschooling in all 50 states.) Often times the schools haven't had experience with homeschoolers, so you must educate yourself.

As far as adjusting to the new routine of homeschooling... sorry... We've never done that either. I would say give it time, take it slow, and try the best you can to make the transition a smooth one. There will likely be bumps along the way, but keep at it. Don't try to make your homeschool a copy of the school you just pulled him out of. Make it your own, what best fits your family.

Do you have any advice for withdrawing children from public school to homeschool?