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Road Trip!


My 3 big girls have gone on a road trip with our dear neighbor and 18 of her finest cashmere goats. (You know, the one we gave 2 alpacas to for her 80th birthday [2]?)

They will be showing the goats and hopefully coming home with some ribbons and maybe even some American cash money.

It is this little chickadee's very first time ever to be away from Mama for an overnight stay.

And do you know what Miss Sassy Britches said will be the most exciting part? Ordering her own food. At a real life restaurant!

Word has it they are having the time of their lives. I even got this text with picture attached from my big girl:

"What would happen if I came home with a wooly, Angora goat. Hypothetically, of course..."

Never a dull moment here at Smockity Central!