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What's the big deal about Young Living

Seen and Heard in Smockityville

“Mallory asked if my mom would let me go to Colorado with her family over Christmas, but I told her it didn’t matter because I like our house too much at Christmas to go.”

“She’s a FREELING.”
“What’s a FREELING?”
“Someone who is free from doing schoolwork.”



Certain grandmotherly figure (with pride): “I just ordered all the kids’ Christmas gifts from Amazon!”
Me: “You used my Amazon link so I’ll get commission, right???”
Certain grandmotherly figure: “Oh… oops.”
Me (groaning): “MOM!”


“I bet bald people never have to worry about getting ticks in their hair.”

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  1. LOL! LOL!

  2. I have a site I go through to get Cashback, and I forget time and time again. Argghh! Drives me mad!…x

  3. cute!

  4. So funny!

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