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4 Moms of 35 Kids Go Christmas Shopping



The 4 Moms of 35 Kids [2]are discussing gift giving in a large family.

I'm not going to lie. Christmas stresses me out. That doesn't mean I don't love the baby Jesus. It just means that there is a lot to do/buy/bake/make/rehearse [3]/wrap/decorate and not a lot of me.

The "lot of buying" can be particularly stressful for a large, one-income family because, well, we are plentiful and the cash... not so much.

Which is why we are cheapskates.

We decided when our first child was a baby that we would give one gift from Mommy and Daddy and one gift from "Santa-which-is-really-us-but-isn't-it-fun-to-pretend-and-if-you-tell-the-neighbor-kids-no-one-will-like-you".

Now that we have 8 children we still give each child those same 2 gifts, plus a few very inexpensive stocking stuffers, which include nuts, Lifesavers, Chapstick, and the like.

We try to give gifts that the children have mentioned wishing for, but there is a limit to our funds, so all wishes are not fulfilled, and our children know and understand this. Big ticket items are for working hard and saving up for [4], not for Christmas wish lists.

We usually spend well under $100 per child, which is why I nearly choked on my (knockoff) Cheerios when Suze Orman claimed a second baby costs $700-1000 each month [5]! We don't even spend that much for our family of 10 for Christmas!

Whenever possible, I use Swagbucks to pay for gifts [6], which keeps me from blowing the budget.

For gifts that the children give each other, we are the tacky types and encourage them to re-gift a toy of their own that they have noticed is admired by a sibling. Alternately, they can make something from supplies we have on hand. There is plenty of secret wrapping of treasured dolls and knitting, gluing, and painting going on around here!

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How do you handle gift giving on a budget?