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Make Your Own Place Value Chart


This place value chart makes it easy for children to practice reading large numbers.

You can make your own from a file folder.

It shows the child to break up large numbers by reading three digits at a time. When they see a comma they should say the name of the "family"; millions or thousands. The units are a silent family, so their name is never said.


  1. Open the file folder up and turn sideways so the fold runs vertically down the middle.
  2. Fold the bottom (which was formerly the side) up to make a pocket.
  3. Measure the width of the folder and divide that number by 9.
  4. Mark where the 9 spaces should be.
  5. Staple the pocket so that each place will hold number cards. (I used one of those super long staplers so the staples would be vertical.)
  6. Cut out number cards that will fit into the pockets you made.
  7. Label your place value chart.
  8. Let children take turns filling in the chart and reading the numbers aloud.

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