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Managing Cups With Drink Bands


You might remember when I blogged about my solution for how large families can manage the many drinking cups [2] the kids go through in a day.

I assigned each child a spot on a place mat to keep one cup every day, and that works fairly well for us except that I still find cups around the house that no one claims to have put there.

Well, Renee, who wrote the guest post about what to expect the first month of a layoff [3], contacted me about reviewing some of the drink bands [4] her family came up with as a venture to sustain them during their layoff.

She sent me a package of 10 drink bands and we have tried them and all love them!

There is enough variation in colors that everyone can identify his or her own drink band and Mom can see who is leaving their cup in the living room.

The bands are flexible and stretchy so they will fit on any size cup and can also be left on the cups while in the dishwasher, in case you are a slacker mom who just tosses all the cups in without removing anything.

Our family has been thrilled with these bands! They are perfect for large families or any family who wants to keep their drinking cups organized.

If you would like to have some of your own and thereby support a family making a go of running their own business, go to Drink Bands [5] and order some today. They are very reasonably priced, functional, bright, and durable. What's not to love?!

*This is a compensated review. All opinions are my own.