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Home Management Binder



My friend, Phoebe, from Getting Freedom [3], has created a 37 page home management binder that is packed with

If you are like me, you may have thought, "I could print those pages off from different sites, or better yet, I COULD MAKE MY OWN BINDER PAGES."

And then years go by and you keep meaning to, but you never do. Am I right? Or is that just me???

Well, today is your day!

This home management binder is normally $8.95, but Phoebe is offering it to my readers for only $5 through January [2]! (Use the code "SMOCKITYFROCKS" at checkout for your discount.)

You can see a glimpse of what your $5 will get you by downloading this FREE weekly menu planning page [4] from the book.

If you like that and use it, you will love this binder!

Hurry and get your binder today [2]. Remember the discount code ends soon!

*Because Phoebe and I are like THAT, I am an affiliate for this book.