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Ironing Boards and Curly Hair


Every day I get a few people landing here because they are searching for "best ironing board [2]" or "curly hair care [3]".

I also get searches for "smoking frocks" and I'm very sorry I can't be of any help at all to those people.

The above mentioned ironing board really is the best ironing board I have ever owned, but I have a little secret. I don't use an ironing board at all any more. If ever I have something that absolutely can not be worn in public because of wrinkles, I now spread out a towel on the floor and give it a once over with the iron instead of dragging out the board.

But that ironing board video [4] is totally worth watching. You should click.

As for the curly hair post, I know you're thinking, "I saw your hair on Sunday and it didn't look all that great, so why would I want to follow your hair routine?"

Well, chances are you won't have to go to church with damp hair after taking a 2 minute shower because the 4 year old had a meltdown and the 1 year old decided to unroll all the toilet paper in the house and the puppies from next door had to be stopped from chasing the chickens, so your hair will likely look much better than mine.

Really, if you have wavy or curly hair, Curly Girl [3] is a very useful book full of excellent tips.