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Meet “Dovie”


Y'all had some interesting guesses about what new critter is living at Smockity Acres [2]. I believe my favorite was "a snail".

A few of you guessed that it is a horse, but you clearly do not know my conditional love for animals.

I love animals in a utilitarian way, as in I LOVE the eggs our chickens give us [3]. If it is an animal that can't give me anything,  then I'm pretty ambivalent about it. (Hate me if you want to, love me if you can.)

Okay, I know we have a toy poodle, but pretend you aren't aware of that for the remainder of this post, okay?

My point is that a horse can't give me anything except a pain in the pocketbook, so it's not a horse.

Facebook fans of Smockity [4] know that we were considering a milk cow and we very nearly purchased two separate bovines, but one thing or another kept us from it and we finally concluded that we don't have the facilities at this time to house or milk a cow and adding those would be a big expense.

So we decided to "downsize".

Meet "Dovie".

Don't be afraid. That was my reaction at first too. Beauty is fleeting and it's what's on the inside that counts, right?

It's a Lamancha dairy goat in case you couldn't tell, and what's on the inside is a gallon of milk each day!

We have her living with 2 goaty companions to keep her company and she is due to give birth in less than a month! Since she is a registered dairy goat, we should be able to sell her babies for enough to more than make up for her purchase price.

We have no experience with dairy goats, but have done lots of research and have even participated in a dairy goat forum to get lots of advice on how to proceed.

We have also been reading these "Goat 101 [5]" posts (among other sites) and studying this "How to Milk a Goat [6]" video. (By the way, I think Jill is about the cutest thing ever and I'm pretty sure we could be pretend best friends. My 7yo proclaimed that she didn't look like a farmer lady because she wears earrings and pretty shirts.)

Be on the lookout for baby goat pictures and some "See Smockity Milk a Farm Animal" webisodes coming soon!