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How to Make a 3D Lollipop Valentine Card


Have you seen and wondered how to make those adorable 3D lollipop Valentine's Day cards?

We just made 60 in a single afternoon, from start to finish, and they were so simple and fun!

With these easy steps, you still have time to make your own before Valentine's Day.

  1. Start out by taking a photo of your child with a fist extended. Make sure the fist is to one side so the sucker won't be covering the face when inserted.
  2. Order one hour wallet size prints.
  3. Cut out around the child and glue onto Valentine card.
  4. Make a little slit and stab a sucker in through the fist. Some of the girls only wanted to make one hole, so the suckers needed to be taped down on the back side of the card. Others were fine with making two holes, so the sucker end is seen on the front side (as shown on the first photo at top).

I am a big fan of letting children do the designing, cutting, gluing, etc. themselves, so I don't mind if the product is not picture perfect [2], although I think it's hard not to be with these since they're so stinkin' clever!