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4 Moms Discuss Storing Keepsakes


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This week, The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are discussing how large families find room to store all those keepsakes.

Be sure to see how the rest of The 4 Moms handle storing keepsakes:

As you can well imagine, the larger than average family collects more than the average amount of stuff. Some of that stuff is deemed special and falls into the "keepsake" category.

Some of the keepsakes we have stored are:

Here are a few of the ways large families can manage storing keepsakes:

During our last move, I came across my old high school letter jacket. Over the 20+ years I had been storing that jacket, it had been deteriorating until it had become a smelly and sticky, with what seemed like an oily residue. (What do they make that fake leather out of anyway?!)

Instead of packing it back into the box I had pulled it out of, I threw it away. I still have pictures of it, and what did I need an old sticky jacket for anyway?

This is the way I try to view children's keepsakes too. If you have a picture of the child with the special item and it is likely to deteriorate, why hold onto it?

How do you handle storing keepsakes?

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