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New Baby Goats


Not only did I get to welcome a brand new human [2] into the world this weekend, but we also welcomed 2 brand new baby goats!

Unfortunately, the mama goat intensely dislikes one of them, for reasons unknown to us. She refuses to let it nurse, butting it away and trying to bite it each time it approaches her.

We researched and found that covering both babies and the mama's nose with Vick's vapor rub might confuse her as to which was her favorite so that she might accept both, but apparently we have a mama goat who is on to our stealthy maneuvers. She wasn't fooled for a second.

So we have been bottle feeding him ourselves. As you can see, my girls are thrilled with this arrangement.

We milk the [hateful] mama goat [3], strain the milk, and warm it up in a pan a little before putting it in a bottle.

Then there may or may not be some arguing over whose turn it is to feed him.