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Triplet Baby Goats!


After we bought our first pregnant Lamancha dairy goat [2], we decided we had better get another one if we wanted to keep up with our 1 gallon of milk a day drinking habit.

That second goat, Pixie just delivered triplets!


and the twins.

These are Lamancha/Alpine crosses, so 2 came out with ears and 1 is earless.

Everyone was thrilled to go see the new kids and check them over from tip to toe.

Eyes - check!

Tails - check!

"All parts accounted for, Mama!"

One of the twins was cold and unresponsive when we found him, so we brought him inside to warm him up with a heating pad and bottle feed him some colostrum that we milked from the mother. He perked right up after that.

Here he is beside our toy poodle. He only weighed a little over 3 pounds!

Mama goat and her triplet kids are all doing well!