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4 Moms Q&A Time

4 Moms 35 Kids [2]

It is time, again, for The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids to answer your questions.

Be sure to check out what the rest of my team has to say today. (Especially, Deputy Headmistress [3], who has a freebie for 4 Moms ebook buyers [2] who are Kindle owners! This freebie expires Sat. 7 p.m. CST, so hurry on over!)

First, I'd like to start with this pressing question:

Are you 4 Moms that are all age 35 and the group includes your children? As in "4 Moms born the same year, age 35, PLUS your kids of an undetermined number"?

Thank you for asking this question. I'd like to clear it up once and for all. No. In fact, we are not all age 35, although I do remember those days like they were... 10 years ago. Ahem.

If it were true that we were 4 moms, all of the age 35, plus some questionable number of children, I would hope that one of us would have the good sense to insert a comma in the title so it would appear as "4 Moms of 35, + Kids". However, we are "4 Moms of 35+ Kids", meaning there are 4 big people and more than 35 little people.

Commas matter, people. Just ask Grandma [6].

Do you have tips for room sharing, especially a teen with an infant/toddler?

We have had 2 different babies who have roomed with teens, and those are the sweetest relationships to watch bloom! I love to see how those teens grow attached to the babies who share their rooms. Even as those babies grow and become children approaching the "tween" years themselves, and move in with different roommates, they still share a special bond with that teen who originally shared their room as babies.

The only real tip I can think of is that we have moved the toddler out and in with siblings closer to her age whenever the toddler's natural curiosity began to result in frustration for the teen in the form of torn up projects, ruined make-up, scribbled in books, etc.

How about more on shared rooms? Should there be one bedtime for that room? Can they keep their stuff private from each other? How? Can they keep other siblings (from different rooms) out of their room?

We have one bedroom that has 3 different bedtimes. Our children know that with age comes more privilege, as well as more responsibility.

Keeping their special things away from little hands is always a challenge, but we do discipline little ones who get into things that do not belong to them. Unfortunately, some little people are very tenacious and require multiple reminders before ceasing their raids.

We allow our children to tell other-room-dwellers, "I don't want you to come in my room right now."

How do you store bathtub toys? I have tried many systems, but the toys always wind up wet and slimy with mildew. And they are ALWAYS in the way! I consider throwing them all out, but they are so entertaining for the little ones!

I store them in the kitchen cabinets because our bathtub toys are cups and bowls. Except for the random Little Pet Shop toys, and those mostly sit on the edge of the bathtub when they are not on the floor waiting for me to step on them on dark nights during 4 a.m. kitten feedings [7].

Does anyone have a solution for this one? Please, do tell us in the comments!

My 2.5yo daughter keeps running from me. Everywhere. She thinks its a game, and funny, but I am afraid she will get lost or hit by a car, etc. I've tried reasoning, spanking and taking away privileges and nothing seems to work.

This is an important one because, as the questioner has touched on, it can involve danger. Some of my Facebook fans had some great answers [8]!

I have practiced with my runners and my dawdlers who don't want to come when I call. We make a "Simon Says" type of game out of obeying. I have all the children go around a corner and wait to see if they can hear me whispering their names. If they hear their name, they should come as quickly as they can. They think this is great fun!

I also make sure that the child understands the importance of obeying and I remind them that there will be consequences if they hear me call and they do not come.

Thank you for all of your questions! I get so many great thoughts and questions from y'all! I love it when everyone helps out and pitches in with solutions!

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