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Fruit Fly Traps


Is anyone else having a horrible time getting rid of fruit flies this year?

We usually keep our fruit on the counter in a bowl, and it doesn't stay around long, because the kids get to choose a piece for after nap time snack [2].

But right now, each day we have swarms of fruit flies all around the fruit! It turns out that flailing your arms and complaining about it does no good whatsoever. The little boogers don't even seem to care. The nerve!

So, I asked around on Twitter [3] and Facebook [4] and my peeps gave me tons of great ideas! Thank you!

Here are the ideas I got for fruit fly traps:

Since I didn't have any plastic wrap, we don't drink wine, and we're out of vinegar, I was desperate enough to try this. I made a funnel out of a piece of paper and stuck it into a jar with banana peels. Then I had to yell two or three times, "WHERE IS THE TAAAAPE?! Who keeps using the tape and not putting it away???"

As soon as the culprit found the tape in her closet, my little fruit fly funnel trap started working immediately!

Those little suckers went right down the funnel and then couldn't find their way out!


By the way, do you know how difficult it is to get a quality photo of gnats in a jar???

I do it all for you, friends.