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How Does Goat Milk Taste?


I have gotten several questions since we got our two dairy goats [2] about how we like the taste of goat milk.

Until now, we have been using all of the milk to feed the bottle baby the first mama rejected [3]. Now, though, the babies are all getting older and are able to eat a little solid food, so we are actually getting to use some of the goat milk ourselves!

We separate the babies at night and milk the does. Then, first thing in the morning before turning the babies out, we milk again. So far, this is giving us about 3 quarts a day, and that is with the kids still nursing all day. Once the kids are weaned, in about 5 weeks, we should be getting over a gallon a day.

We have heard and read all about how goat milk can taste like licking a billy goat, as in downright nasty. In fact, whenever we tell people we have dairy goats, we often hear, "Have you ever tasted goat milk??? It is gross!"

Just to let you know how crazy adventurous we are around here, none of us had ever tasted goat milk before we took the plunge and bought our dairy goats.

We did a lot of research and figured if we didn't like it, we would sell the goats and kids, making our money back, and call it a learning experience.

Honestly, we were all a little nervous to taste it, given all the hoopla about how awful it can taste. But, we carefully follow all the advice we found in our research to keep the milk tasting good. From what we read, how the goats and milk are handled make a huge difference in how the milk tastes.

Here is how we make sure our goat milk tastes good.

The result?

Sweet, creamy milk!

Coming soon: How to Make Goat Milk Yogurt and Cheese!