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Personality Types


Have you seen those lengthy questionnaires that determine personality types [2]?

Each and every time I have seen them referenced in the past, I get through the first 20 questions or so after much deliberation and grueling indecision, and then I get distracted by a butterfly and never finish the test.

So, I have always figured I was whatever personality type couldn't make it through the test due to attention issues and also indecisive tendencies.

Turns out there's no such personality type. I'm just special that way.

Anyway, my 17 year old Madison recently completed the test and showed me her results which were strikingly accurate to her personality [3], and while we were out to lunch together recently, she talked me into trying it again.

She had to prod me to finish it several times and even had the nerve to tell me she wasn't going to help me with the answers!

When I finished the test (finally!) and got the results, she laughed at how accurately she thought it fit my personality!

It turns out that I'm lively and energized and self confident and forceful. Like a tornado. A chatty tornado.

I'm an ENTJ. We're very rare. What are you?