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Using Newspaper and Compost in Gardening


Some of you may have followed my gardening series [2] last summer and know that my results were not great. We did get some produce, but not nearly what we were hoping for.

Last year, in the comments section, some of you gave me the advice to make use of our rabbit droppings as fertilizer for the garden. You can see how I added that organic fertilizer to the garden [3] by digging little trenches and dropping it in.

I could almost immediately see an obvious difference in the rows where I had used the rabbit droppings as fertilizer [4] and the rows without.

So this year, we have prepared our soil with composted fertilizer before we planted.

We've been putting plenty of rabbit, goat, and chicken droppings in our compost pile [5], plus leaves and kitchen scraps. I have mostly forgotten to turn it regularly, and I even wondered if I had wasted my effort since I hadn't turned it a very long time when we were ready to start our garden last week.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised when I dug in! I found rich black compost waiting to for us to put into the garden!

This time, we loosened the soil in our raised garden beds [6] and added some of the rich compost and mixed it in.

Then we laid a layer of newspaper on top of that and topped it with more rich compost.

In my gardening research, I have read that using newspaper in gardening reduces weeds.

We planted tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and onions and watered it well. Where needed we topped off any newspaper peeking through with extra compost.

My hope is that with the addition of the year-old, rich compost and the newspaper for preventing weeds, we will have a more productive garden this year!