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Caring For Orphaned Kittens {Update}


Some of you have asked for an update on how we are caring for our orphaned kittens.

We started out bottle feeding the orphaned kittens [2] when they were only one week old. Two of them didn't even have their eyes open yet!

The first feeding schedule was every three hours, then four hours, and finally every six hours. We have now graduated to feeding them dry kitten food twice a day, moistened with a bit of milk from our dairy goats [3].

One of the kittens was injured during the attack that killed the mama cat [4], and we weren't sure she would survive the first few days. She has survived, but she seems developmentally delayed compared to the others, so she is still being bottle fed and is slowly understanding what solid food is. She is the smallest, still weighing just 15 ounces. We carefully monitor and chart her weight gain.

They are now six weeks old, and the girls have even litter box trained them!

We have given away one to an older lady who lives alone. She was thrilled to take "Gracie" home! My ten year old called to check on her after a couple of days and the lady put the phone to "Gracie's" ear so Adrienne could talk to her. The kitty immediately started purring when she heard her rescuer's voice!

This entire experience has been filled with many lessons on responsibility, compassion, mourning, and even measuring and weighing.

So who wants a hand raised, litter box trained kitten???