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Favorite Frugal Tips of Large Family Moms



Today The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids [3] are sharing our favorite large family frugal tips.

When I was in the hospital for 30 days during one of my pregnancies receiving intravenous drugs to stop my preterm labor [4], one of my friends brought me her copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette [5] to read. (She must have known I was bored nearly to death.)


As I lay in that hospital bed day after day, I read through that entire large volume, which is actually a bound collection of newsletters by famous tightwad, Amy Dacyczyn.

I read one page after another and was absolutely entranced by what was there! The author pointed out in detail, repeatedly that the trick to being frugal isn't some sort of secret formula. It is a matter of self control and keeping a long-range goal in mind.

In her family's case, they wanted to buy an old farmhouse in the country on the single income of her military husband. They were able to accomplish this feat through self control and careful consideration of where each dime of their money was going.

At one point in the book, a television news team came to visit the family to find out how they were able to be so frugal. Mrs. Dacyczyn (pronounced "decision") invited the crew to set up in the parking lot of the local McDonald's and her family would all wave as they passed by in their second hand van eating their peanut butter sandwiches.

She went on to explain that being frugal isn't so much what you do, but what you don't do.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette [5] is my absolute favorite frugal resource!

It is full of many tips, but mostly it is training in a mindset, the mindset that I can achieve financial goals by using self control and planning to save my pennies.

What is your favorite frugal tip or resource?

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