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Frequent Flier


Shew! I am slap worn out!

In the past 8 days, I have taken off and landed in an airplane 6 times!

I have relaxed on the beach in Destin, Florida [2].

Taken 10 kids to Six Flags Over Texas. (Which is the exact opposite of relaxing, in case you were wondering.)

Explored an Amish community in Indiana. I was even able to eat in an Amish restaurant and take a horse and buggy ride given by a 12 year old Amish girl.

And I met a blog reader at church over a thousand miles away from my own congregation.

I was in Indiana to speak at a ladies' retreat and was so excited to be able to stay at my long-time friend, Sheri's, house. After arriving with a bad cold, she pampered me and doctored me right up until I was feeling as good as new.

I decided that having events in 3 states in the course of a week is too stressful for this mama. That conclusion came to me shortly after I realized that:

I did manage to have an absolutely fantastic time at all of the above events!

But now I am ready for a nap.

And I've decided I'm never leaving my house again from now on, forever after, everlasting.