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Is Petitioning For Change “Un-Christlike”?


*UPDATE: See the outcome of my petition here. [2]

I recently posted on my Smockity Frocks Facebook page [3] that I was shocked to find out that the library we frequent has a "household checkout limit" which means our family can only check out 30 books at a time.

I pointed out over and over again [4] on my Facebook page and to the library director that for our large family of 10, each person can only get 3 books. While 3 books may be a fine number for a kindergartener to check out, my older children can go through 3 books in a matter of 2 days time.

Since the library director disagreed with my point of view, I decided to make an appointment to speak with the library advisory board to see if I could compel them to lift the household checkout limit and simply go with a per-patron limit like all the surrounding libraries in our area have.

What surprised me most about this whole undertaking is the opinion that my petitioning for change is "selfish", "un-Christlike", "unfair", and "greedy".

I honestly don't see how wanting an equal number of books for all patrons can be greedy, unfair, or selfish, but what took me most by surprise was the "un-Christlike" assertion.

I tried very hard to make sure that my appeal was respectful, fact-filled, and unemotional. I asked my husband and children to record me ahead of time and preview my speech so I would not be seen as sarcastic or mocking. (I do have a very strong sarcastic tendency, and sometimes I come across as sarcastic when I don't intend it.)

If appealing for fair change at the library is "un-Christlike" wouldn't that same charge have to be made to Americans revolting against British rule in the 1700's? What about changing slavery laws? Suffrage?

Women would not be voting today if no one had petitioned for a fair change in that law.

I don't think standing up for fairness is un-Christlike. I will stand up for my children this day and again the next if necessary. That isn't un-Christlike.

Mama Bear like, maybe.

Here is a very shaky video taken by my 10 year old on my iPhone and interrupted by a call from the 12 year old trying to tell us the goats got into the garden! I was speaking furiously fast because I was quite nervous to get all my facts in before my 3 minute time limit was up, and I even had to stop my 4 year old from climbing a stack of chairs during the middle of the speech! I got it all in, though! (Can you tell where I had to make her get down?)

I was told that the library advisory board would review my information and contact me with their decision.

What do you think? Is asking for fairness selfish or un-Christlike?