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More Mail Order Chicks


We just picked up some brand new mail order baby chicks from the post office!

This is our second time to receive mail order chicks through the post office [2], and quite a few of my loyal Facebook readers [3] were very surprised that the post office deals in baby chicks. It's true and has been going on for many years.

We have ordered from eFowl [4] both times and been very pleased with their service. It turns out that they made a mistake this time and shorted us by 5 chicks. Once I brought it to their attention though, I was refunded the money within the hour!

When chicks are ordered through the mail, you get a notification by email when they ship. Then the post office calls the first thing in the morning to tell you there is a box with your name on it peeping like crazy.

We all piled in the van and went downtown to pick up our chicks. We opened them up to examine them right there in the post office, just in case we needed to report that any didn't make it alive. All of them were alive and well, just like the last time!

Here is a video [5] of the pandemonium reaction from everyone upon first seeing the precious peepers.

A few of you remarked that you wish you could have chickens, but you live in the city limits.

Did you know many city ordinances allow chickens?

Here is how we house our chickens.

We took the door off this storage shed and covered the floor with shavings.

Here is the view from our front porch. You can see that it is about 100 yards from our house and the chickens free range in the yard between the two.

We ended up having to "goat proof" the interior because our dairy goats [8] knocked down the nest boxes and we also caught them eating the eggs! For a while we were only finding 2-3 eggs per day, bus since putting up the barrier, we are back to 15-20 eggs each day!

We want the goats to be able to go inside during stormy weather, but not get to the eggs, so we rigged up a barrier which the chickens and ducks can cross, but the goats can't. Ya think she misses the farm fresh eggs?

We put an old rabbit hutch inside the hen house to house the new chicks. It is just the right size and height. Baby chicks need a heat lamp, water, and chick starter (food).

Here are some of our makeshift nest boxes for the older hens [9] to lay in.

And here is a view of the other side with some more nest boxes.

Chickens are easy to care for and provide our family with lots of eggs and entertainment!