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Rainbow Cupcakes {How To}


My 6 year old, Reagan [2], has been super excited to attend her end of season soccer party this week. We signed up to bring cupcakes, and we decided to try making them with rainbow batter.

We made a couple of batches before the big party to make sure they would turn out alright. They are super simple to make and everyone was impressed and wondered how we did it!

You can use a box or make your own white cake mix [3].

1. Mix batter as usual.

2. Using 6 bowls, divide the batter evenly between them.

3. In the first bowl mix in red food coloring. In the second, orange, then, yellow, green, blue, and purple. (I like to use this gel food coloring [4] to get really bright colors.)

4. Beginning with purple, layer a small spoonful of each color in muffin cups. We tried carefully spreading the colors around, but the cupcakes always turned out with mixed colors no matter how careful we were.

5. Bake according to directions.

6. Allow to cool and add frosting. Or if you can't wait, break them open and marvel at the colors while you gobble them up!

Reagan had so much fun making these rainbow cupcakes, and her soccer team loved them!