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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed



I recently saw "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed [3]" for the first time.

I spent the entire movie being alternately appalled, mad, sad, and/or expecting lightning to strike the speaker at any moment.

If you haven't seen this movie, it is a must see!

One of the interesting bits was that the scientists often relied on the old "Some People Are Just Not Intelligent Enough To Understand" argument.

This made me laugh because whenever I have had an unpopular opinion in a debate, I often see, after frustration on the part of the "other side", the same old argument. "Well, you are just ignorant/need to do more research/don't have a scientific mind/are an idiot/etc."

This movie made clear to me the trend that dissent or holding a view that is not politically correct is not well tolerated. I see over and over again that folks get down right mad and will try their best, through intimidation or insults, to shut you up if an opinion is stated that is not the popularly held one.

I wonder why this is. It seems to me that we ought to be aware and even expect that there are plenty of people in this world with plenty of ideas that might not match our own. Just because they speak these things aloud or write them, doesn't invalidate our own differently held positions. It also doesn't necessarily mean they (or we) are stupid or ignorant.

Have you seen the movie "Expelled"? What did you think?