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Library Update


Remember when I shared the video of my presentation to the library advisory board [2] asking for a higher book checkout limit?


They raised the limit!

Each of my children now has his or her very own library card and they may check out as many as 20 books! Our family rule, though, is the number of books that can be checked out can be no greater than the child's age. Each person keeps up with books and library cards in an assigned rain gutter bookshelf [3].

It was said, when I posted the above photo on Facebook [4], that if my children could not truthfully read all those books, then I am not putting the needs of others in my children's hearts and what I am doing is known as hoarding.

The thing is that my children truthfully can read all those books during the 2 week checkout period. We spend many hours each day reading. We read silently. We read aloud. We discuss the books we read. We re-read books we enjoy.

We enjoy reading. A lot.

In fact, here is a genuine, spontaneous, truthful demonstration of how excited my 6 year old was to have read a whole book in one day for the very first time. (Email readers will want to click through to the post to view the video.)

So, I think we can all agree that the moral of this story is...